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Round The Clock Logistics has been in business since 2010 with the goal of making you and your valuable cargo our only priority. With over 50 years of industry experience, our dedicated transportation team is here to serve you. 

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Flatbed Transport

Reliable Flatbed Trucks

The need for flatbed trucking companies is critical to transporting goods in many industries. Flatbed trucking is essential for most fleet operations, especially those involved in the transportation of construction materials, oversize loads or unusually shaped cargo.

Our Flatbed Fleet

What is a flatbed truck?

Flatbed trucks are characterized by a trailer or bed that is entirely flat and level; with no sides. There is a broad range of flatbed trucking options available, ranging from smaller hot shot flatbeds to heavy haul trucking flatbeds. However, the fundamentals of a flatbed don’t change and their usefulness in transportation cannot be overstated.


Some common flatbed truck services and cargo

Building Materials: Companies involved in residential or commercial construction often find themselves in need of a flexible transportation options for their materials. Flatbed trucking companies with the proper equipment are an asset to an industry where cargo shape, size, and weight are constantly in flux. From prefabricated homes to preformed concrete, lumber to scaffolding; a flatbed truck is the versatile solution that the construction industry relies on. A flatbed’s relative ease of loading and unloading makes it the ideal choice for construction sites.

Equipment and Machinery: Some heavy machinery is better suited for flatbeds and other open-deck equipment. Heavy or odd sized equipment will not fit in traditional dry van trailers. In this instance, a flatbed truck service would be the safe and reliable solution. Other large-scale pieces of equipment, such as electrical substation transformers or larger machinery pieces, need to be transported by flatbed trailers. Their relative size and weight are simply not conducive for boxed trailers.

Choosing the best flatbed trucking company

Our Flatbed Services

There are many flatbed services available, but choosing the right one can be a challenge. So how do you know which company best fits your needs? Start with the basics.

Don’t settle for limited equipment or coverage. Pick a flatbed trucking company that has the equipment, capacity and qualified drivers to complete your job. With 1,300 flatbed trailers across North America, Round The Clock Logistics can handle hauling a single machine or managing the most complex transportation project.

Make sure the company you choose is actually the company making the move. Ask whether your job will be outsourced or handled in-house.

Go With Experience

Round The Clock Logistics (RTCL) has completed jobs similar to yours. We are a full-service specialized transportation company with a proven track record of success. Our team has over 50 years of combined industry experience. We’ve seen it all, done it all, and delivered it all. From flatbed heavy hauls in rural Canada to stage lighting in Los Angeles, you can be confident we’ve delivered similar products safely and on-time.

Find a Flatbed Trucking Partner

The right flatbed trucking company will be a key part of your business for years to come. The bulk of our clients have relied on our services for more than five years. The success of our business hinges on the success of yours. Let RTCL handle your trucking project management responsibilities, opening up your schedule for other key business tasks.

Flatbed Safety Matters

Timing is important, but product or equipment that is damaged in transit isn’t good for business. Since flatbed trucking often has the cargo exposed, damage can occur if safety protocols are not followed. RTCL has a 99% claim-free delivery rate because we care about your cargo and your business.

When it’s time to find a flatbed trucking service for your transportation needs we invite you to give us a call. We’re confident you’ll see what separates us from the competition and Round The Clock Logistics should be your only choice for specialized transportation needs.

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