Landstar Agent Proud to Join Event Safety Alliance as a Silver Sponsor

Landstar Agent’s Focus on Event Safety Takes Center Stage

Safety for a concert performance doesn’t start with masks for audience members. The trucks bringing people and equipment to stages across the country need to be safe, too.

Landstar agent Round the Clock Logistics specializes in concert and live event transport. It has a 99% accident claim-free delivery record. That’s in addition to more than a decade of industry experience. They also have valuable business partnerships that make it a great service provider for any tour.

A Proud Landstar Agent

Round the Clock Logistics is proud to be part of the Landstar system, a network of trucking agencies around the country.

Landstar agencies make connections with customers looking for dependable transportation. Then they find the capacity to transport the freight they’re hired to deliver. Independent agents know they can turn to Landstar for help with paperwork and the name recognition of a well-known brand in the trucking industry.

Landstar is known for its dedication to safety and security for all the drivers associated with its system. Landstar has a history of driving safety. They recognize owner-operators each time they travel more than a million miles without a preventable accident.

More than 1,100 drivers have been recognized over the last few decades, for safe driving careers of 1, 2, and even 3 million miles.

Reaching Landstar’s Customers

Landstar also honors its customers directly, featuring an award for coordinating with Landstar to make procedures safer. The Mutual Understanding of Safety Together (M.U.S.T.) program helps customers recognize how their business and the Landstar agents they work with can collaborate. They make sure each pickup and delivery is safe and secure for drivers, company employees, and the often-expensive equipment they both rely on to get business done.

Landstar experts tour their customers’ warehouses, offices, and other facilities. Then they discuss what the facility is doing right and can work to improve.

Monthly conference calls are another tool Landstar agents use. During each call, they share ideas for safety with drivers, agents, and even law enforcement officers.

Trained, experienced safety experts are one of Landstar’s specialties. An LSO, or Landstar Safety Officer, is part of each agency. He or she works with staff at the Landstar agency to make sure all drivers know the latest in safety. Everyone needs to be up to date on security before they get on the road and behind the wheel.

Landstar goes above and beyond in its vehicle inspection, too. All trucks, trailers, and equipment are inspected at least three times a year. That’s more often than the industry standard, and even what’s required by law.

Training and tools from the LSO give Round the Clock drivers a great start on what they need to do to drive safely. Adding what they learn from the LSO to Round the Clock’s own No-Zone Driver Education Program means nearly every delivery is reliably claim-free.

Joining the Event Safety Summit

Round the Clock Logistics supports the mission of the Event Safety Alliance as a silver-level sponsor. The Event Safety Alliance was created to help the live event industry improve its safety processes after disasters in the U.S. and Canada.

The Alliance helps event producers, band support staff, equipment managers, and more — including truckers — find ways to make everything they do safer for thousands of customers throughout North America.

Landstar agent leaders will talk about what they’ve learned about trucking safety, good loading techniques, hours of service rules, and more at this year’s Event Safety Summit. They’ll share their expertise with others in the safety industry and prove they’re experts at moving freight professionally and with a minimum of claims.

Seminar attendees will discuss every part of a live event. This includes finding employees in a challenging labor market. And it means literally putting fires out if something at the venue bursts into flames. Landstar agent experts play a key role in the event, talking with attendees about trucking and transportation safety at a session dedicated to that important responsibility.

The summit is for more than equipment transportation specialists. Arena operators, event promoters, performing arts organizations, and more will hear from Landstar agents about trucking safety.

Their knowledge benefits an industry that’s getting more active this year. There’s more activity as health guidelines change and more people return to concerts and live events.

Who is Round the Clock Logistics?

Round the Clock has hundreds of trained drivers who are ready to get freight to its destination. There are 14,000 trucks (dry vans), 1,400 step decks, and 1,300 flatbeds available. Each is checked just as much as drivers to reduce the risk of accidents and malfunctions.

Trucks have an age of just 5 years — the equipment is almost as up to date as the safety information shared with drivers and staff.

Dispatchers and other employees also know how to operate safely and in compliance with state and federal guidelines.

Drivers stay in contact with Round the Clock staff at the start and end of each day, and real-time tracking is available too. Customers are always able to reach out and keep an eye on where their valuable equipment is when it’s on the road.

For more than 10 years, Round the Clock Logistics has been the top choice for North American concert tours large and small. The safety equipment each act needs is available upon request. This might be:

  • Blankets and padding
  • Load bars
  • Ratchet straps with lift gates
  • Ramps

There’s a dedication to safety and security at every step of the transportation process. But that doesn’t stop Round the Clock from offering reasonable rates, fast delivery times, and flexibility in planning and operating.

Your Source for Reliable Live Performance Transport

Every concert and live performance is a one-of-a-kind experience for audience members and the people behind the scenes. But turning to the drivers and vehicles taking equipment from one venue to the next should be something to rely on.

Landstar agents like Round the Clock Logistics have that skill and knowledge, and support of the Event Safety Alliance. They have experience in event safety and security, so every show is a fun one.

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