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Owner of Round the Clock Logistics, Mike Lassers, was interviewed by The Road to Success Magazine in October of 2022. He shared comments about how the Live Entertainment & Event Transport Industry was impacted by the pandemic and what his projections are for 2023. See below some of his comments. You can also click the link here to read the full article — The Road to Success Magazine, Issue 2 2022.

Mike Lassers, owner of independent Landstar agency Round the Clock Logistics, said his business also felt the impact of the pandemic due to canceled events. “We moved our office to a home office in September 2020, because of COVID, and that business kind of died with the live entertainment industry. Not kind of died – it died.”

Operating out of a home office, Lassers’ agency was forced to focus on other freight opportunities. The agency has since bounced back and is even more invested in event and tour freight now.

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 According to Lassers, 90% of his business today is focused on the live entertainment industry, a significant portion of which comes from stage and lighting freight.

Lassers said as the U.S. began opening up for live events following the pandemic, a lot of niche trucking companies that previously serviced the industry had gone under or lost a significant number of drivers and/ or trucks. “Production companies were eagerly looking for other capacity solutions and with Landstar’s more than 11,000 BCOs, we were able to meet their needs.”

“Another change since the pandemic is Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement to enter the country,” continued Lassers. “We were recently helping to supplement the fleet of a trucking company that specializes in concerts and had a tour with a stop in Toronto. With about two weeks’ notice, we were asked by the company to find 12 Canadian-based owner-operators who could cover the loads across the border and back. With Landstar’s established presence in Canada, it was no problem for us to do that.”

Landstar’s unique capacity network also helps to ensure that “the show goes on,” said Lassers. “I think we bring to the industry not only the ability to find trucks to handle capacity needs but also the ability to recover from within the network if and when something goes wrong, like an equipment breakdown. We had one recently, but were able to repower with team drivers and still make it to the venue on time.”

Lassers said everyone he’s talked to in the concert industry says that 2023 is going to be just as busy as it has been in 2022. “There’s just so much pent-up demand from the past two years because no one could tour. Last year was all about the spot market, but this year and next, I think tours and events are where the money is to be made.”

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