The Characteristics of the Best Concert Tour Trucking Companies

Preparing a concert tour can be a daunting task even for experienced managers and event organizers. There are many things that must be taken into account including finding venues, setting prices, making schedules and of course – transportation. Concert tour transportation must be taken seriously because it has a direct impact on the tour. A seemingly small problem can cause delays and problems. That’s why it is the best idea to use well-established concert tour trucking companies for this purpose. Companies like Landstar JHC can take care of different items that will be part of the concert tour like stage equipment, instruments and more.

There are many transportation and logistics companies out there and many of them are promising to provide the ideal services, but it’s not always like that. If you want to stay safe and avoid any problems, you should learn more about the characteristics of the best concert tour trucking companies. That’s why we have created this blog post that will highlight the factors that you should take into account when you are making a decision like this.

Packages and prices

There are many organizations and individuals that are focused on the price when they are selecting a trucking service provider. This is smart, but you should know that the price should not be the only criteria used in this process. Whenever you look at the price, you should remember that you’ll get what you’ll pay for. Opting for the cheapest offer is not the smartest idea especially if you want to get a safety in this process. Items like expensive musical instruments, lighting, and other things cost money and a company that charges low rates for transportation probably won’t provide the best services. It’s wiser to look at the features they have in their offer before making a decision.

concert tour on the open roadArea of Specialties

There are many trucking companies that provide specialized transportation services. But, as a client with specific needs, you have to focus on companies that provide services that match your needs. In addition, you must be sure that the company is suitable for the category of clients that you belong to. Focus on the specialty or area of expertise before you make a deal with them. There are companies like Landstar JHC that are providing concert tour trucking services and other similar services. Check the areas where they can provide their services and whether they can provide these services regularly. Even if you are not planning another concert tour, you should look for a company like this.

Technical characteristics

Before you start looking for a concert tour trucking company, it would be best to check your requirements one more time. In case you have a concert tour in several states, then the most inexpensive package will probably not be a good idea for you. You must look for a company that has professional, skilled and qualified drivers and trucks that can drive for a long time without any problems. These trucks must have the necessary equipment and tools for long drives. The drivers and trucks must have the necessary licenses and registrations. Don’t hesitate to talk to the representatives of these companies and ask all these questions.


For many experienced people in this field, this is a very important factor. Is it possible for you to call the trucking company and get a real person on the phone in case the website of the company is down? In addition, do you think that they have customer support services that can actually help you solve the problem right away? So, when you are choosing a company of this kind, you must check the reputation they have for customer support too. Find the means that you can use to get in touch with them? Are they available on the phone? Is there a chance for live internet chat or email messages? It is very likely that you will find that not all trucking companies are the same. In many cases, the price of their services will affect the quality of their customer support so be careful.


Get prepared to do some research before you figure out what kind of fleet the company has. Are they using modern trucks? Do they have trucks that can move large items? The company that provides concert tour trucking services must have suitable trucks for your needs. The type of vehicles they use will have an impact on the performance of the process.

Customer reviews

In the past, it was quite difficult to figure out what kind of reputation a company has. In most cases, you had to rely on the opinion of your friends, relatives and business partners. Thanks to the Internet, the situation is changed. First of all, many of the concert tour trucking companies have testimonials and reviews on their websites. These reviews are provided by past clients who wanted to congratulate them on a job well done. Another resource that you can use on the Internet is online forums and discussion boards. Many Internet users use these forums to share their experience with different companies including trucking companies. Finally, there are specialized websites where you can read reviews. In any case, it’s smart to do your homework, read these reviews and testimonials and check the reputation of the trucking company that you want to use before making a deal.

Future cooperation

In the end, an important thing for concert tour organizers and managers who want to establish a long-term relationship with a trucking company is to check the opportunities for future cooperation. Besides the fact that the trucking company should be available whenever you need them, you also have to analyze the scalability factor? Is it possible to use them for a bigger concert tour? What if you have more items for transportation?

Hopefully, this blog post will help you make the right choice. Keep in mind that Landstar JHC is a professional concert tour trucking service provider with a strong reputation in this field.

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