Money-Back On-Time
Delivery Service Guarantee

  • If your truckload is not delivered on-time, we will cover up to 100% your shipping costs!
  • Round the Clock Logistics, a leading Landstar Agent, is the only company putting real money on the line to guarantee on-time truckload delivery.
  • With a 99% + on-time delivery rate, why would you risk another shipment being late or delayed by your current trucking company?
  • For competitive dry van, flatbed and expedited truckload pricing, and a first of its kind service guarantee, give our team a call today at 720-929-9293 or email us at
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How are you able to guarantee on-time truckload delivery?

As a leading Landstar agency of time-sensitive and critical freight, we have established internal protocols to ensure a 99% + on-time delivery rate.   This includes continuous GPS tracking of your load, 24-hour communication and utilizing a trusted pool of drivers.

Do I get a refund for any truckload shipments I book that are considered late?

Yes, upon booking the shipment and receiving a written rate confirmation from Round the Clock Logistics, the shipment will be guaranteed to arrive by the agreed delivery time.   Please review exclusions below that would be considered out of the carrier’s control.

Are there any exclusions to the money-back service guarantee?

Yes, the following would be excluded from the terms of the guarantee.

  • Acts of God
  • Shipper or receiver delays
  • Weather delays
  • Road closures and interstate shutdowns
  • Accidents where the driver is not at fault
  • Hours of service delays beyond the driver’s control (as outlined by DOT)
  • Multi-stop, Hazmat, Heavy Haul and Cross Border shipments

How does the money-back guarantee work if my shipment is delivered late?

You will receive a 100% credit of the line haul costs, excluding fuel and any accessorials.  This credit can be used towards any future shipments booked with Round the Clock Logistics within 12 months from the date of pick up of the original shipment.

How do I request a credit/ refund for any late truckload shipments booked with Round the Clock Logistics?

Simply, email our team in writing with a request for a refund with the time the shipment was delivered versus the time it was guaranteed to be delivered.   We will review and provide you a confirmation of credit outside of any of the exclusions listed above.

Is there an additional charge for guaranteed on-time delivery?

No. We will never charge extra for guaranteed on-time delivery.

An Industry First!

No other carrier, agent or broker will offer you guaranteed on-time service. When you have a dog in the fight, you just have to try harder!