Round the Clock Rocks the Live Production Summit 2024

Live Production Summit (LPS) was in Palm Springs, CA, and Round the Clock Logistics was there to soak up every beat. As a premier gathering for the live events and entertainment production world, LPS 2024 drew industry professionals from all corners of the globe, eager to share ideas, learn from the best, and shape the future of their craft.

Round the Clock Logistics, a proud sponsor for the second year running, was at the heart of the action. Our booth bustled with activity, becoming a hub for meeting new faces, reconnecting with old friends, and forging lasting partnerships. From casual conversations to in-depth discussions, the energy was electric as we explored the latest trends and challenges facing the industry.

But Round the Clock wasn’t just there to mingle. We were also committed to sharing our expertise and insights. Our breakout session, “Packing Masterclass,” tackled the often-overlooked but crucial aspects of load-in and load-out. From inventory tracking and weight distribution to safety best practices, we equipped attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to streamline their operations and protect their gear.

The learning extended far beyond our session. LPS offered a smorgasbord of informative talks and panel discussions led by industry titans and rising stars. The roundtable format fostered an open and supportive environment, encouraging attendees to actively participate, ask questions, and bounce ideas off each other. Whether you were a seasoned veteran or a wide-eyed newcomer, there was something for everyone to learn and grow from.

As the curtain closed on LPS 2024, we at Round the Clock walked away feeling inspired and energized. The collaborative spirit, the thirst for knowledge, and the unwavering dedication to excellence were truly on display. Our involvement in events like LPS is more than just about sponsorships and visibility; it’s about being an active participant in shaping the future of live events and entertainment production.

We encourage all industry professionals to join us in this mission. Whether you’re a production manager, a lighting technician, a caterer, or anything in between, your voice matters. Share your ideas, contribute your skills, and help us build a brighter future for this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.


Together, let’s make the next LPS even bigger and better.

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